What material is Nola-Air made of?
The Nola-Air Lounge is made of high quality polyester with a coating which is also used in the parachute industry and is therefore strong and waterproof.
The plastic coating sown into the interior ensures that the air stays in for a longer period of time. The Nola-Air Chair is made of high quality nylon with an extra coating which is soft to the touch and waterproof. The Nola-Air chair does not have a bag in the interior.

How do I fill the Nola-Air?
Please refer to our instruction video on our website.

How much does Nola-Air weigh?
The Nola-Air Chair weighs 612 grams / 1,3 lbs.
The Nola-Air Lounge weighs 1050 grams / 2,3 lbs..

What are the measurements?
Nola-Air Chair measurements:
Folded 35 cm (14,2 inch)x 20cm (8,3 inch) x 15 cm(5,9 inch).
Inflated 110 cm (43,3 inch) x 88 cm (34,6 inch)x 74 cm (29,1 inch).

Nola-Air Lounge measurements:
Folded 35 cm (14,2 inch)x 20cm (8,3 inch) x 15 cm(5,9 inch).
Inflated 167 cm (66,4 inch)x 84 cm (33 inch) x 78 cm(31 inch).

How much weight can the Nola-Air carry?
The Nola-Air Lounge and Chair can each hold 200 KG / 440 Lbs.

Can I use the Nola-Air on any type of surface?
You can place the Nola-Air on any flat surface, however be vigilant of sharp edges.

How long will the Nola-Air stay full of air?
If properly inflated and tightly closed, the Nola-Air will stay full of air for 4 hours.

My Nola-Air got dirty, how do I clean it?
You can best wash your Nola-Air with lukewarm water and a small dose of neutral soap.

Is the Nola-Air suitable for on or in water?
The Nola-Air is not meant for water.

To which countries do you ship Nola-Air?
We ship worldwide.

Which methods of payment do you have?
We use the following methods of payment: PayPal, Ideal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Bitcoin.

I received the wrong or damaged product, what now?
That is not good and we will solve this as soon as possible.
Please email us at info@nola-air.com and we will help you as soon as possible.

How can I return the Nola-Air?
You can find the return instructions in the attachment to the email which you received when ordering the Nola-Air.
Note that the Nola-Air be returned undamaged and in the original packaging.