The Nola-Air™ Chair & Nola-Air™ Lounger

Take-anywhere, comfortable, featherweight chairs & loungers that can be inflated in seconds. Like sitting on a cloud! 


Like capturing a butterfly – with a few swishes through the air your Nola-Air™ chair is inflated, and you’re ready to relax .. .in 10 seconds flat! No pump necessary! Nola-Air’s pocket of air also insulates you from the ground so you can use it all year round – even in the middle of winter! The advantage of Nola-Air™ is that, unlike other inflatable loungers, Nola-Air™ has a built-in back support for superior comfort. Quick to pack away - simply deflate and fold it into its compact sleeve ready to use next time

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Our story

We are a group of friends living in Holland, near the sea, close to nature and to cool and happening cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague. We love spending weekends camping in the forest and chilling at the beach. We also love festivals and hanging out in parks in the city. One day, our backsides got tired of sitting on the hard ground all the time and started complaining, and so we put our heads together…

Being Dutch, we love simplicity and good design…. and having fun outdoors. After a few brainstorms and some sketches in the sand, we developed Nola-Air™ Fast‘n’flatable: comfort in seconds, anytime, anywhere.

The best things in life are free – like air. So, until they start taxing it we decided to harness its awesomeness. Our loungers are ultra-lightweight, easy to carry when on the move. When folded, Nola-Air™ is small enough to fit easily into your backpack and weighs a mere 600g. And you don’t need a pump! Simply inflate it by swinging it several times in the air - check out our video - it’s that easy. Relaxing was never so effortless! 

Our products

Eminently portable, beautifully designed inflatable air chairs and loungers – ready within seconds and quick to pack away.

• The Nola-Air™ Lounger

• The Nola-Air™ Chair 

Our own design studio

Our featherweight loungers and chairs are produced with the utmost care and attention, using high-quality, lightweight materials to ensure that our inflatables are as compact, light and portable as possible. Nola-Air™ fast ‘nflatable is made from strong, parachute-grade lightweight material that provides a stable and comfortable sitting and lounging experience.
Nola-Air™ was developed in our own design studio, to share with you so that you too can relax in comfort – wherever you are. 

Our community

Nola-Air™ is more than a fast inflatable chair. Nola-Air™ fans are people who enjoy life.
Our air chairs and loungers are ideal for festivals, beaches, forests, parks, boats, camping-grounds, camper vans, traveling, fishing, biking and hiking. 

Nola-Air™. A new lifestyle.


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